This site is dedicated to the study of the people, events and trends that brought about monumental change in the lives and experiences of oppressed people throughout American history. All information has been gathered through print and internet sources by students in Mr. Blanchet's Honors US History class for the purpose of educating each other on the essential elements of the civil rights movement.

1) Ku Klux Klan/Lynching
2) National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
3) A. Philip Randolph/March for Jobs and Freedom/1941 Ban on discrimination in Federal Hiring
4) Jackie Robinson integrates professional baseball - 1947
5) Executive Order 9980 - 1948 - Desegregation of the Armed Services
6) Thurgood Marshall/The NAACP Legal Defense Fund
7) White Citizens' Councils/Southern Manifesto
8) Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC)
9) Sit-in at the Woolworth Lunch Counter- Greensboro, NC/Sit-In Movement -1960
10) John Lewis/Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)
11) Congress of Racial Equality (CORE)/Freedom Rides
12) Cesar Chavez & Dolores Huerta - National Farm Workers Association/Chicano Movement
13) MLK’s arrest in Birmingham/Letter From Birmingham City Jail/“Children’s Crusade” – Birmingham, AL - 1963
14) Bombing of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church - Birmingham, AL-1963
15) Freedom Summer – 1964/Disappearance of Schwerner, Chaney and Goodman
16) Voting Rights March/ “Bloody Sunday” – Selma, AL - 1965
17) Nation of Islam/Malcolm X & his assassination
18) Stokely Carmichael/ “Black Power”
19) The Black Panther Party for Self Defense/Huey Newton & Bobby Seale
20) Watts Riot/Kerner Report/Race Riots of the 60s and 70s
21) The National Organization for Women – Formed 1967/Women’s Rights Movement
22) American Indian Movement - 1968
23) The Stonewall Riots of 1969/Gay Rights Movement/Don’t Ask –Don’t Tell Policy
24) School Busing Upheld by Supreme Court/Boston Busing Crisis – 1970s
25) Affirmative Action Policy/Executive Orders and key Supreme Court rulings